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Fence Post Concrete

  • Suitable for fixing all types of wooden, concrete and composite, gates or fence posts.
  • Fast setting within 5-10 minutes in normal weather conditions.
  • No mixing required. Just add water.
  • Generally use 1 x 20kg bag per normal size fence post.

How to use post cement:

  1. Dig a hole to the correct depth and width required for the post size.
  2. Pour water into the hole up to a third of the depth.
  3. Pour in Postcrete, as evenly as you can around the post until it covers the water surface completely. Add more water onto the top of the powder.
  4. Postcrete will set in 5 to 10 mins so make sure that your post is positioned correctly and level.
  5. Once set, cover the top with grass or soil.

This Postcrete is one of the best ready to use, no mixing required, post cements.

Made from a mixture of specially selected sands, cement and additives this post fixing cement is suitable for fixing all types of wood, metal, concrete or composite, gates and fence posts into the ground.

It can also be used for securing decking posts, newels and washing lines.

Postcrete is available in 20kg plastic bags which are also suitable for storing outside.

Use 1 x 20kg bag per standard fence post. For larger gate posts you will require 2-3 bags per post.

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