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Concrete Vs Feather Edge Boards: A Look at Their Advantages

A house gets a complete framework when surrounded by the right fencing. People own small ground in the back or front portion of the house or all around. In such cases, fencing acts as a barrier for enclosing the area. It protects your private area from encroaching intruders, wild animals, provides privacy and security, and many other things. But in the end, it will add a unique and attractive appearance to your land.

What Is All About a Close board Fence?

The close board fences are made out of feather edge boards, posts, rails, and gravel boards.

  • Feather Edge Boards: Here, the boards are placed in the vertical direction in opposition to the rails and cut to different heights levels.
  • Fence Posts: These posts are either made of timber or concrete. They are attached to the ground.
  • Rails: These are fixed between the posts in the horizontal direction and fitted into grooves on the post.
  • Gravel Boards: These boards are fixed horizontally at the fence base and protect the boards from damp. These boards are easier to install and replace than the boards.

Why Choose Concrete Fence Posts?

  • Concrete is sturdy and durable

People prefer concrete over wood for its durability. Unlike wood, concrete will not rot or decay so easily. That’s why the value of a long-lived structure like concrete is more when compared to other components.

  • Need little maintenance

Concrete has not been treated regularly. It requires stable maintenance to keep it effective. Concrete Fence Post lasts for a minimum period of 10 years.

  • Zero necessity of nails

To install concrete fence posts, simply place the instrument panel between the beams, and you’re all set. You don’t have to use any nails or other fixing ingredients.

  • Withstand any weather conditions

Concrete fence posts are very much effective in lawns or open areas, which have to counteract high winds, lots of rain. In these conditions, wooden posts deteriorate faster. For coastal areas, concrete posts are the Holy Grail option.

  • Easy to install

Many constructors rely on traditional wood or metal fencing, but some landowners easily install these concrete fence posts themselves. Hence, they lessen expenses over pre-manufactured timber posts.

However, Concrete fence posts are indeed more expensive than wooden ones. But again, it’s all worthwhile. As they are long-lasting and can counteract extreme weather conditions, it’s a more economical option in the long run.

Advantages of Using Concrete Gravel Boards


Concrete Gravel Boards are a cost-efficient and long-term option for your fence panels. They can be easily installed. These boards help to mount fence panels from the ground. Hence, it reduces damage from moisture, like decay.

Generally, gravel boards are made of either timber or concrete. However, it is believed that concrete is much better than timber. The reason for choosing concrete over timber is as it lasts longer and does not need much maintenance. Concrete gravel boards act as a stronger base for your fencing, as it’s robustness and durability in extreme weather. Besides, it doesn’t allow rotting for a longer period, as it cannot absorb water. In addition to protecting, concrete gravel boards offer a wholesome rigidity to your fence and keep your fence in place.

Significance Of Feather board Fencing

Feather Edge Boards and posts are used to build close board fences. The fence needs few components, and it’s very simple to construct.

Advantages of Feather Edge Boards

  • The feather edge boards are popular for their versatility and price.
  • The fencing made of feather edge boards are pressure treated, hence offers solid protection against decay and insect infestation.
  • These fences, when made up to 1.95 m, do not need any special permission. For spaces adjoining to public places, it has to be 1 m.
  • Feather edge boards and posts are best for sloped areas. These can be fitted at any requisite angle.
  • Feather edge boards are comparatively inexpensive and can be easily replaced once they started to damage naturally.
  • These boards are sturdy enough to use. You can also maintain the boards at regular intervals of 2-3 years to get a longer lifespan.


From this article, it can be understood that for fencing your property, especially the garden area, there are multiple options to choose from. If your budget is low, doing it yourself will be the best option. You have to visit the supply stores and choose the best type of fence according to your budget. Try to figure out between wooden posts or concrete panels. The right choice of fence will not only provide you security but give an aesthetic value to your landscape.